Baby is a queer, coming-of-age love story that confronts themes of LGBTQ identity and toxic masculinity by introducing us to the world of Ali, a Dominican teenager from the Bronx. Shot stylistically as narrative cinema verite, Baby is as much an ode to New York and to the rawness of teen-hood as it is a portrait of the awkward terrain of coming into one’s own body, queerness, and desire.

Written and Directed by Jessie Levandov

The Team

Writer-Director-Editor: Jessie Levandov
Producer: Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Executive Producers: Nina Reyes Rosenberg, Jessie Levandov, Samuel Howard
Director of Photography: José Andres Cardona
Production Sound: Brennan McVicar
Associate Producer: Ali Mian
Stills Photographer: Orlando Ramos
Production Assistant: Auston Bjorkman
Sound Designer: TBA
Music Supervisor: Kristin Genovese

The Players

Ali Mian as Ali

Soloman ‘Solo’ Breland as Solo
Isaac ____ as The Barber

Ali’s Friends
Safiya Durning
Caroline Kempchinsky
Justice Doyle
Helen Bauer
Rob Locke
Sana Azim
Ryheeme ‘Shabazz’ Bell

Bodega Guys
Ebrima Barnett
Adam Barnett