Baby is a queer, coming-of-age love story that confronts themes of LGBTQ identity and toxic masculinity by introducing us to the world of Ali, a Dominican teenager from the Bronx. Shot stylistically as narrative cinema verite, Baby is as much an ode to New York City and to the rawness of teen-hood as it is a portrait of the awkward terrain of coming into one’s own body, queerness, and desire.

Written and Directed by Jessie Levandov

The Team

Writer-Director-Editor: Jessie Levandov
Producer: Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Executive Producers: Nina Reyes Rosenberg, Jessie Levandov, Samuel Howard
Director of Photography: José Andres Cardona
Production Sound: Brennan McVicar
Associate Producer: Ali Mian
Stills Photographer: Orlando Ramos
Production Assistant: Auston Bjorkman
Sound Designer: Lucas Sanoff
Color Grade: Alan Gordon
Graphic Design: Kayla Jones
Music Supervisor: Kristin Genovese

The Players

Ali Mian as Ali

Soloman ‘Solo’ Breland as Solo
Isaac Burgos as The Barber

Ali’s Friends
Safiya Durning
Caroline Kempchinsky
Justice Doyle
Helen Bauer
Rob Locke
Sana Azim
Ryheeme ‘Shabazz’ Bell

Bodega Guys
Ebrima Barnett
Adam Barnett