Juana, a retail laundry worker from Guerrero, Mexico, led a campaign for just workplace conditions at the laundromat where she has worked for over ten years.

What started as a small seed grew into a movement, and together with Laundry Workers Center, Juana is helping to transform the retail laundry industry city-wide.

99 percent of laundromat workers are people of color, 86 percent identify as women, and 79 percent are immigrants. Justice for laundromat workers is immigrant justice, gender justice, economic justice, and racial justice.

I want to express profound gratitude to Rosanna Rodriguez and Mahoma Lopez, the co-directors of the Laundry Workers Center, for the transformative work that you do, and to Juana F for sharing her power and her story with us. To support their work, please visit laundryworkerscenter.org.