Feminist Movies You Can Stream Over the Holidays


Happy MALA-Days! As we hunker down for the holidays, we wanted to put together a short list of some feminist-friendly films from 2018. Whether you’re in need of some cozy self-care (this time of year can be complicated), or searching for a film to watch on TV with the family, we’ve got you covered.



Trailer for Jinn

A stunning debut feature film from award winning filmmaker Nijla Mumin, Jinn tells the story of Summer, “a 17-year-old carefree black girl, whose world is turned upside down when her mother abruptly converts to Islam, prompting Summer to reevaluate her own identity.” Set in Los Angeles, this film offers a beautiful, original, and authentic spin on coming-of-age in 2018.

Available to rent or own on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.


Trailer for the film Roma

On the one hand, Roma is a gorgeous, emotional film centering an indigenous domestic worker in seventies Mexico. On the other, the main character of Cleo feels cloaked in the wealthy white male gaze of filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron. We wish the film had been more grounded in Cleo’s voice, but we’re also kind of in love with lead actress Yalitza Aparicio, and recommend the film for its criticism of class and racial inequality that is universal.

Streaming on Netflix.

Roxanne Roxanne

Trailer for Roxanne Roxanne

Based on the true life story of battle rapper Roxanne Shanté, this film takes us on an exciting but heartbreaking journey as we bare witness to a bright young talent burdened by poverty and sexism during the early days of hip hop in 1980’s New York City.

Streaming on Netflix.

Romantic Comedies

Nappily Ever After

Trailer for Nappily Ever After

This is a perfect movie for a post-breakup movie night. A high-powered “perfect” woman thinks she has it all figured out – until it all falls apart. Haven’t we all been there! The universal themes of self-love, relationship insanity, and inner/outer beauty might be cliché, but here they are refreshingly explored by feminist Saudi filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour, using hair as a metaphor for personal growth and freedom.

Streaming on Netflix.

The Holiday Calendar

Trailer for The Holiday Calendar

In this cute holiday fare, our protagonist is a creative, career-driven young woman down on her luck. We love the inclusive casting and how the story is as much about her aspiring photography as it is about her love life. As one Youtube commenter puts it, “this looks corny but in a good way.” Yep, just what the doctor ordered.

Streaming on Netflix.

Crazy Rich Asians

Trailer for Crazy Rich Asians

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Capitalism and patriarchal heteronormativity...we get it – this film centers people with wealth (and lots of it), and does not contain any obvious social justice messaging. We hear that. But it’s also funny as hell – the cast is full of comedic powerhouses like Constance Wu, Awkwafina, and Ken Jeong – and it’s inspiring to see an all-Asian cast in a story that is typically reserved for white characters.

Available to rent or own on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.

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