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We want to acknowledge the immense amount of physical and mental labor that went into creating Miss America. Many women of color, queer women, and allies donated their time, talents, and equipment in order to make this magazine possible.


Mixed Girls in Cars Getting Café con Leche

Featuring: Nina Reyes Rosenberg, Marlo Su, Sarah Louise Wilson, D’arby Rose

Director and Editor: Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Director of Photography and Co-Producer: Jonathan Rosenblit
Producer: Mahelet Gezachew
Camera Operator: Adam Abada
Camera Operator: Sasha Klupchak
Sound: Stephen Sharrod

Ramya Ramana “Miss America”

Poet: Ramya Ramana

Director and Editor: Jessie Levandov
Creative Producer: Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Sound: Sana Azim


Featuring: Angelica Quiñonez, Jason Valerio

Director and Editor: Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Camera: Kolepa Phy
Music Production: Jason Valerio
Spanish lyrics based on translation by Alvaro Valencia


Featuring: Juana

Director and Editor: Jessie Levandov
Camera: Anna Barsan

Ana María Archila

Featuring: Ana María Archila

Director and Editor: Jessie Levandov
Camera: Anna Barsan

Special Thanks

Kayla Jones
Nicole Kim
Coco Peila
Arnold Rosenberg
Ben Saltzman

Rosanna Rodriguez and Mahoma Lopez of the Laundry Workers Center.