Mixed Girls in Cars Getting Café Con Leche

Talk Show

Move over, Jerry. We’re picking up some badass mixed-race ladies and taking a ride to discuss the life and times of mixed girls in America.


Making sense of my personal identity as a biracial Mexican Jewish woman, as someone who is both white and of color at the same time, has been a lifelong process. Some of the most healing experiences in cultivating a sense of wholeness with myself, despite widespread cultural invisibility of my existence, have been intimate conversations with other mixed-race women. Back in August, I went on a road trip from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe with Coco Peila. For a little over four hours, we just talked. We talked about what it’s like to have a mom of a different race, familiarity with whiteness and privilege, dating, and so much more. No music. Just two mixed girls in a car. Mixed Girls in Cars Getting Coffee was born from that experience. Taking a dig at Jerry Seinfeld was a bonus – his show guests are 83% male and only include one woman of color over five seasons (yes, I did the math).