By Orlando Ramos


I ground myself with photography. What began as a hobby - taking family pictures on disposable cameras - eventually deepened into my craft. I only recently began to value myself as a photographer and my work has enabled me to step into a deeper purpose of being a visual storyteller.

As a person of color, shooting with models of color is intentional for me for many reasons. I feel like the working relationships I build with the people who sit for me are impactful for both of us, and we are able to move from a relaxed place of mutual understanding, comfort, and honesty which benefits the outcome of the shoot and allows for us to continue to build together artistically. Every collaboration is a different adventure.

I pursue every shoot without selfish expectations and am intentional and open about how I choose to present each subject. I like to work in environments that help express unique personality traits of my subjects - pinpointing each models individuality through portraiture. As I build a relationship with the subject, the quality of every shoot improves greatly - giving me the opportunity to grow creatively. For my subjects, my hope is that what comes from our collaboration authentically reflects who they are.

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