Love Stories


By Matilde Viegas

As a woman — and as a queer woman — I live with the constant awareness of my own representation in society. Just by stepping out of the house, I am committing a political act. For myself, as for so many other queer people, the privacy of our homes works as a shelter — a place where one can fully be oneself. With the series Love Stories, I want to trace the small moments of affection in day ­to ­day existence, highlighting the commonness of the lives of queer couples and how intimacy and connection are common denominators to all kinds of loving relationships, regardless of societal classifications and constructs.


Matilde Viegas

Matilde Viegas

Matilde Viegas is a 28 year old self taught photographer based in Porto, Portugal. She didn’t go to art school and that has allowed her to explore her own path. She’s documented her friends’ lives, her own, and even her mother’s. She focuses on intimacy, womanhood and community. She has self published fanzines and a recent book. Her work has been featured in Die Zeit, Lenscratch, Vice pt, Vogue pt, among others.

In August 2018, she was a recipient for a scholarship to attend Elinor Carucci’s workshop Finding Intimacy in nyc, awarded by Spazio Labo. In February 2019, she was awarded a grant by Zeitenspiegel to work alongside with the journalist Viktoria Morasch, in Kazakhstan.