by Mari S.M. and Andrea S.H.

Momentos is a project that deals with the theme of intimacy in the context of our lesbian affective-sexual relationship. We want to share with everyone some moments we have lived before meeting. Moments captured in various photos taken during our different stages while growing up. These memories, materialized in the form of photographs and previously shared during our nocturnal outings while eating salchipapas or a delicious pork cutlet at Namu (a local South Korean restaurant), transport us and help us get closer to a better understanding of each other. For this project we have chosen to dig into our memories. To materialize it we have chosen 10 old photos from a time before we had met each other, 5 of Andrea and 5 of Mari. We have then proceeded to make photomontages using digital media (a scanner and photoshop) to bring together our past selves in a single image.

Mari: My work explores the themes of memory and the quotidian through a lens informed by lived experience. My creative process involves the mixing of elements that belong to the realm of the magical, fantastical and fictitious, with biographical events and retellings of past happenings. I use various forms of self-expression including writing, digital media, photography, or a mix of all three.

Andrea: My work explores the themes of memory, the quotidian, and the urban scenery. My interests are the city of Lima, the transiting of its people and their customs, which I portray through diverse media including photography, drawing, collages and painting. Through my work I create a way for me to reflect upon the way we are pushed to live our lives always in a hurry, missing various moments throughout our journeys.

*This project was shown at Oficina M-20, an office/art space in downtown Lima, Peru from April 4 to April 18, 2019.


Portrait of Andrea by Mari

Portrait of Andrea by Mari

Andrea S. H. is a Peruvian graphic designer and visual artist. She has a background in printmaking and painting but mostly works with digital media to create. She likes exploring the themes of memory, fragility and the ways we move around in the city, being it Lima or anywhere else in the world. She currently works as a freelancer.

Instagram: @moshirobeibi

Portrait of Mari by Andrea

Portrait of Mari by Andrea

Mari S. M. is an interdisciplinary self-taught Peruvian proto writer who also likes to experiment with digital media to create visual pieces. She likes to explore the themes of memory, ancestry and identity. She is a co-founder and editor in chief of La Liga Zine (September 2015), a NALAC Fund for the Arts 2016 grantee publication with an all Latina immigrant staff. The zine has been featured in Remezcla, i-D Magazine, Dazed & Confused Magazine, LA Weekly, among other media outlets.

Instagram: @cahuachi5