Mala Forever Presents
”Miss America” | Issue No. 1
Nov. 2018

Editor’s Note

With the upcoming midterm elections, we’ve been thinking about what it means to be American, and where our power lies as creative womxn with intersectional identities and experiences.

This is the first issue of our new radical feminist digital magazine. The title Miss America is named after Ramya Ramana’s spoken word poem of the same name. We saw Ramya perform this piece at the opening of the People’s Forum in New York City, and she cast a spell on us. We knew that her storytelling and voice perfectly distilled all of the ideas, complexities, struggles and joys of American identity that we wanted to explore for you. We are delighted to share Ramya’s work here, alongside the many brilliant women of color, immigrant, and queer womxn who contributed to this collection.